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PSA- CPD and the new SIAMS framework

by Michael Ford last modified 11 Jul, 2018 01:36 PM
“I feel really inspired by our thinking today”

 “I left the course feeling uplifted, which is so unusual when it comes to new inspection training”

- quotes from headteachers who attended the first cohort of training for SIAMS 2018

The Education Office of the Church of England has issued the new SIAMS Evaluation Schedule, which will come into effect in September 2018, with inspection beginning in January 2019.

You will appreciate new frameworks run the risk of raising stress levels, however they can also be about opening windows of possibilities, building different visions, creating new ideas, establishing greater understanding, and embedding collaboration. The DBE would like to use this year to offer support to all schools that enables them to engage in the new framework in this way.

Support Programme

We strongly recommend that you engage with the training this year whether your inspection is due in 2019, 2023 or a date in between because of the fundamental changes and opportunities the framework offers, particularly in connection to the Vision of the Education Office of the Church of England.

We will be offering a range of events in order to enable all relevant groups/individuals within your school community to access relevant training.

Support for Headteachers/ CEOs/ Senior leaders

This is the core piece of training across one and half days. It is recommended that you attend with at least your Chair of Governors and/or incumbent; you may also wish to invite your deputy. Multi Academy Trusts should ensure that their CEO or senior school improvement adviser also attends.

The programme will focus on understanding the new SIAMS framework and its expectations, its relationship to the Vision for Education for the Education Department of the Church of England and its transformative power in the development of the effectiveness and deeply Christian nature of Church of England schools. The programme will properly and practically enable your understanding, as church school leaders, of the new framework

RE and Collective Worship leaders

This training will be provided through the PSA CPD programme for RE and Collective worship. It will focus on the knowledge and understanding these leaders need to set a school’s direction in these areas, evaluate impact and will also explore key concepts that the new framework focuses on. If you are not engaged with the PSA you are welcome to attend but a course charge will be made.


A one day training course will be offered for all governors covering key knowledge and understanding that governors will need to understand the impact the new framework has on what it means to be a deeply Christian Church school, to offer appropriate challenge and support to other school leaders and to contribute to the school’s ongoing self evaluation.


Clergy has access training without charge on the framework via the CMD route by booking on ‘The Role of the Clergy in School Governance’, available here.

This new framework can make a positive, transformational difference to Church schools in this Diocese and the children and young people we all serve. Please join us in this exciting new step!
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