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PSA- Parish & School Partnership

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Aug, 2018 12:27 PM
Support to develop a strong partnership with your local parish that promotes the wellbeing of pupils and develops the ethos and Christian Distinctiveness of your school.

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School-Parish Partnership

  • Explore the nature of your school-parish partnership and how this affects/ contributes to learning, the ethos and Christian distinctiveness of your school
  • Explore innovative and practical ways to increase the strength of the link between the school and parish including working together to: deliver mentoring schemes that support young people and help them feel valued and listened to; develop high quality worship that allows all children and young people to explore and develop their spirituality; provide issue based discussion opportunities for young people; prepare young people for confirmation; provide prayer spaces in schools.
  • Consider how you can build this relationship and how you can make it a reciprocal one
  • Look at good practice and resources and explore how they might work in your context

The 2018-2019 rate is: 

RATE 1 1/2 day (up to 3 hours) 5 credits £450.00 + VAT
RATE 2 1 day (up to 6 hours) 9 credits £810.00 + VAT

Rates apply for groups of up to 20: for groups over 20 there will be a charge of 1 credit per 10 people, or part thereof.


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