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PSA- SMSC: Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural

by Michael Ford last modified 20 Jun, 2018 11:52 AM
“School is not just where I learn to read, or to add but where I learn to be *ME*” - Year 5 Child

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Explanation of this aspect of our work

Social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) provision which has depth and impact is fundamental to the development of children and young people who are able to transform their own lives and those of others. The shifts in the educational and national landscapes now mean that it is also the DfE and Ofsted’s expectation that opportunities for SMSC are threaded through the curriculum and across wider school life with evidence of depth and impact.

Attending to the SMSC development of children is a statutory responsibility of school leadership, but for many in the world of education it is at the heart of why they came into work with children because it is about the development of a whole human being. SMSC development is so significant in children’s lives that we cannot expect the review and development of it in a school to be a simple, routine task.

The bespoke support offered aims to provide guidance and practical support to schools and academies so that they can ensure that SMSC development is fundamental to their ethos and culture.

The work with a school, academy or across a MAT can include:

  • Working with staff to develop shared definitions
  • Exploring classroom activities which enable depth in SMSC development for children and young people 
  • Supporting, monitoring and evaluation to identify the school’s/ multi academy trust’s current strengths
  • Exploring continuity and progression for children and young people in SMSC across the curriculum
  • Developing skills in enabling transformational spiritual development for children and young people

The 2018-2019 rate is: 

RATE 1 1/2 day (up to 3 hours) 5 credits £450.00 + VAT
RATE 2 1 day (up to 6 hours) 9 credits £810.00 + VAT

Rates apply for groups of up to 20: for groups over 20 there will be a charge of 1 credit per 10 people, or part thereof.

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