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Salisbury Diocesan SIAMS SEF Document and SIAMS SEF Guidance

by Michael Ford last modified 10 Jul, 2019 10:02 AM
In this section there are two documents:
  1. The Salisbury Diocesan SIAMS Self Evaluation Form (SEF), for use with the SIAMS Evaluation Schedule
  2. Accompanying this, a PDF version of the document in which we have provided guidance, with annotated notes, about how schools might choose to complete this SIAMS SEF. Here we have modelled all sections which are highlighted in yellow with a major focus on modelling ‘Strand 4 - Community and Living Well Together’.

Please note: the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education may update its guidance over the coming months as the new SIAMS Evaluation Schedule is implemented in schools. This guidance is in no way perfect, but we do believe that it provides a helpful way to structure schools’ work.

There are some changes in this Self-Evaluation Form to the national version. 

Each Diocesan Board of Education is enabled to modify the Self-Evaluation Form so that the information collated best represents any local contexts and meets the needs of schools. Having worked with some school leaders on the form, we decided to make some amendments so that:

  • The format more easily allows schools to focus on impact, as leaders are accustomed to in SEFs
  • There is opportunity for schools to self-evaluate all strands of their SIAMS work in order to support schools when making their overall judgement
  • The language about vulnerable learners matches that used by Ofsted
  • We have emphasised that the SEF is an on-going document for school improvement rather than a summative document compiled purely for inspection purposes and have worded the text in a way which, we feel, better supports this

We must emphasise that this SEF is not statutory; schools remain able to choose the best way to represent their self-evaluations. We do, though, recommend this document as a robust way of supporting your SIAMS-based work.


These documents will be explored fully with you at our new SIAMS training events and when diocesan advisers work with your schools through the PSA. We strongly recommend that you attend the training events in Autumn 2018 before using the SEF as it obviously reflects the significant changes in the SIAMS Evaluation Schedule.

We advise all schools to attend training in 2018-2019, whenever your inspection is due, because of the key role which the understanding of the Evaluation Schedule and the associated Vision of the Education Office of the Church of England plays in your ongoing self-evaluation.

Neil Revell and Mandy Christopher are leading these training events across the diocese and we ask if you could book yourself a place at one of these. Sessions are being run over 1.5 days, so please diarise BOTH dates for your planning. Simply click on one of the links below to book yourself a place. Nearer the date of the training our colleague, Anna Tucker, will be in contact with joining details about the day.


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