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by Michael Ford last modified 05 Feb, 2020 03:48 PM
A pathway for Spiritual Learning in the National Curriculum.


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The Education Reform Act 1988 requires schools to promote "the spiritual... development of pupils at the school and of society" (Clause 1, Section 2a) and provide "a daily act of collective worship" (Clause 2, Section a). The act says that all children and young people are entitled to be educated in schools where policy and practice recognise and seek to meet their spiritual needs and to provide regular opportunities for stopping their 'busy-ness' and having time to reflect on the things of greatest 'worth' in our awareness and celebration of what it means to be human.

'Stilling' offers children and young people a variety of techniques and exercises through which to acknowledge, explore and develop the spiritual dimension of their lives. It is proving to be a practical and valuable way of implementing the spirit of the Act, not least because pupils themselves say how much they appreciate this kind of activity and look forward to it as a regular source of inspiration and spiritual refreshment.

This booklet describes this activity and suggests ways to introduce and apply it in the National Curriculum. It provides opportunities for pupil’s spiritual development across the curriculum as well as in RE.


‘What is Stilling?’
33 scripts to use in the classroom

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