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The Bishop of Sherborne, the Rt Revd Karen Gorham

Last month, after 45 years, I paid a return visit to Stonehenge. It was a clear day and after thousands of years still the mysteries of how those stones got there and why amaze the visitor. When I visited as a child you could touch the stones! Now the carefully managed landscape keeps humans very much in their place as the stones are admired from a distance.

This year 2020 the National Trust celebrates 125 years. In our beautiful part of England, this organisation has contributed much to the preservation of some of our most beautiful gardens and significant parts of our coastline.

Our landscape is important and the preservation of our environment essential to our future. The UN has designated 2020 the year of plant health, so maybe we should each tend our gardens and verges with extra care this year? More importantly 2020 will focus our attention even more on climate change as Glasgow will be hosting the UN climate change summit in November.

With the Lambeth Conference in the summer bringing together bishops from across the world we shall be faced with personal stories of the stark reality of how climate change is affecting the day to day lives of millions of people across the globe and will put our own stewardship (or not) in question.

How shall we respond? It would be great if each Christian community across the diocese focussed its attention in 2020 to doing something for the environment. Maybe working for the next Eco church award? Maybe spending time doing some gardening in your village or neighbourhood? Or setting up a community garden or orchard? As well as continuing to hold our leaders to account for their own priorities and plans. If all of us made one significant change in response to our environment in 2020 what a difference that would make. Pray too for Bishop Nicholas and others called to lead the national church's response during this important year.

‘The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it’ Psalm 24:1

Bishop Karen

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