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The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury

Lessons from life...

I cycle. Balance is essential. Getting blown off course is easy, as Chris Froome knows all too well! The first bike for a little child is often what is called a balance bike.

An intelligent and creative friend was bi-polar, what we used to call manic-depression. He was unstable and couldn’t make consistent progress. He could not hold down a job. He lacked balance.

To some people, a single issue political party looks attractive because we know it will do what it says. To others, it will do it at all costs. Campaigners are important in the social mix but they lack the necessary political balance needed for good judgement and a happy society in which we all flourish.

That’s one of the differences between being a good campaigner who is determined about a single issue and a great political leader who has a proper responsibility for all. We are watching this in a political process that has created division and anxiety and exposed us as an unhappy country because of a single issue.

In the Diocese of Salisbury we are in the process of a 5 year review of Renewing Hope – Pray, Serve, Grow. The assessment cannot be by measurement of a single issue. The questions we asked at the outset were: For what do you pray? Whom do you serve? How will you grow?

A healthy Church has balance and a varied ecology in which we all can thrive. To measure ourselves we have been using not a single issue but a ‘balanced scorecard’. Our God given diversity means we are a mixture of theological traditions, different social groups, of varied abilities. It is a strength that gives balance and helps us find that unity which is in Christ. It is a lesson from life and for life in all its fullness.

+Nicholas Sarum

Taken from our latest diocesan Grapevine. Visit the main page

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