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Our identity

by Michael Ford last modified 06 Nov, 2019 02:25 PM

As people, we are a mixture of Anglican Christians and others, all working towards common goals.

The Basics

Christians are disciples of Christ and those who agree with His teachings. Christianity is our shared, living faith. 85 million Anglicans belong to the Anglican Communion in over 165 countries worldwide, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Click here for a history of our Diocese.

There is a 'Jargon-busting' glossary of terms here.

Our Vision:
'Renewing Hope - Pray, Serve, Grow'
Since his arrival as Bishop of Salisbury in 2011, Bishop Nicholas has engaged the Diocese in a careful and prayerful process of exploration and discernment. Through the ‘Let us Talk’ process and Deanery Visits, he invited us to explore who we are as a Diocese, where we are going and how God wants us to move forward, leading to the recent formation of a new Diocesan vision, Renewing Hope: Pray, Serve, Grow.

Hope is a defining characteristic of Christian believers. Hope holds together our past, present and future and gives meaning and purpose to our existence.

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Our priorities
The Bishop visited all Deaneries in early 2015 to share his overview of the Diocese and get people telling stories of hope. He left the local church with three challenges to answer in their own parishes, benefices and deaneries:

  • What do you pray for?
  • Whom do you serve?
  • How will you grow?

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Our ambitions
As a Diocese we want:

  • A thriving Christian presence in every community and a continued commitment to the parish system
  • To grow church membership by 10% over the next 10 years
  • To increase vocations to ordained ministry by 60% over the next 10 years

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Our Prayer

God our Father, renew our hope. By the Holy Spirit’s power strengthen us to pray readily, serve joyfully and grow abundantly, rejoicing in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Our Organisation
As of November 2019, we have 436 parishes (in 132 benefices, subject to pastoral changes) under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Salisbury, assisted by the Bishop of Ramsbury and Bishop of Sherborne.

The Bishop of Ramsbury is assisted by the Archdeacons of Sarum and Wilts; the Bishop of Sherborne by the Archdeacons of Dorset and Sherborne.

Parishes are grouped into 19 deaneries: 5 in the Archdeaconries of Sarum, Wilts and Sherborne; and 4 in the Archdeaconry of Dorset.

The parishes look after 569 churches, and our Diocese has one of the highest number of listed church buildings in the country. 87% are listed in Grade I or II*.

Salisbury Cathedral, with its Dean and Residentiary Canons, is a busy centre of the diocese, with an iconic status in national life.

As of November 2019, our diocese has 194 Church of England Schools, 95 of which are now academies. 43.433 children in the diocese attend church schools. Nationwide, there are 4605 primary and middle schools with 25% of that total being Church of England. Thus, 16% of all Church of England primary and middle schools are in the Diocese of Salisbury. One of our secondary schools is a joint Roman Catholic - Church of England VA school.

Parish affairs are managed by Parochial Church Councils (PCCs). Members of the parishes meet together in the Deanery Synod. This body elects the members of the Diocesan Synod. Members of Deanery Synods elect diocesan representatives to the General Synod of the Church of England.

Click here for a Glossary of Terms.

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