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Let Us Talk

by Michael Ford last modified 11 May, 2018 12:17 PM

A conversation between the Bishop of Salisbury, his senior staff, and the rest of the diocese.

Let Us Talk

 about the Personality and Character
of the Diocese of Salisbury

The Bishop of Salisbury launched 'Let Us Talk' during a presentation to Diocesan Synod on Saturday 3 November 2012, asking the following questions:

  1. What is the ‘Personality and Character’ of your local church? 
  2. What are the priorities of your local church?
  3. Is there one thing you would like to take on in the coming year (recognising that may mean you may need to stop doing something else)?
  4. Are there ways in which we can work together to achieve more? 
  5. How can we best measure the quality and impact of church life?

Click here for the Bishop's clip on YouTube 

Responses were sent in by the end of April 2013: see below for a selection.

13 June 2013
The Bishop spoke at Diocesan Synod: a copy of the PowerPoint is below
2013.06 Synod Resources- Let Us Talk Responses [3.9 MB]

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Responses A-Z: click a purple letter to jump to a section


Alabare Senior Chaplain - Canon Jonathan Martin [27.1 kB]
Alan Neades [47.2 kB]
Alderbury Deanery Chapter [57.3 kB]
Alderholt St James [8.9 kB]
All Cannings- CW Peter Griffin [8.3 kB]
Atworth with Shaw and Whitley [27.3 kB]

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Beaminster Area Team [75.2 kB]
Bemerton- MAP 2013 [42.0 kB]
Bemerton- Simon Woodley [11.6 kB]
Bishopstrow and Boreham [72.0 kB]
Bourne Valley Team [32.2 kB]
Bradford on Avon Holy Trinity [15.8 kB]
Branksome St Clement [9.7 kB]
Broadstone St John [110.1 kB]
Broughton Gifford etc [11.7 kB]
Bulkington [53.6 kB]

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Calne Deanery Synod [19.9 kB]
Canford Heath [12.5 kB]
Canford Magna [18.8 kB]
Cerne Abbas [220.3 kB]
Charminster and Stinsford [94.0 kB]
Clarendon Team [95.4 kB]
Codford St Mary- David Shaw [21.3 kB]
Codford St Mary [38.4 kB]
Compton Valence [17.2 kB]
Corfe Castle- David Walker [8.4 kB]
Corfe Castle [12.3 kB]
Corsley and Chapmanslade [12.4 kB]
Creekmoor Ecumenical Church [37.8 kB]

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David Durston [13.9 kB]
Devizes St John with St Mary [100.7 kB]
Devizes St John with St Mary- slides [212.0 kB]
Diocesan Environment Group [32.7 kB]
Diocesan Synod- Group B discussion [9.6 kB]
Dorchester St Andrew [85.4 kB]
Dorchester St George [61.3 kB]
Dorchester St Mary [8.0 kB]
Dorchester [93.3 kB]
Downton St Lawrence [83.8 kB]

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Easterton [63.4 kB]
Ensbury Park St Thomas [97.9 kB]
Evershot St Osmund [80.1 kB]

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Farley [81.8 kB]
Farnham [8.8 kB]
Ferndown St Mary [39.4 kB]
Fifehead Neville [23.4 kB]
Forest and Avon Team [14.2 kB]

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Gifle Valley [20.9 kB]
Gillingham and Milton on Stour [11.7 kB]
Golden Cap Team [980.6 kB]
Great Cheverell [64.5 kB]

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Harnham [524.4 kB]
Herston St Mark [76.7 kB]
Heytesbury Deanery- anonymous [78.0 kB]
Heytesbury Deanery Synod [12.8 kB]

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Landford St Andrew [102.7 kB]
Lavender Buckland [103.2 kB]
Lavingtons,Cheverells & Easterton- James Campbell [50.6 kB]
Lilliput Holy Angels [120.4 kB]
Little Cheverell [63.7 kB]
Longburton [85.0 kB]
Ludgershall [56.3 kB]

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Marden Vale Team [109.2 kB]
Marden Vale- Foxham [151.8 kB]
Market Lavington [62.4 kB]
Marlborough Deanery & St Mary's [9.3 kB]
Marlborough Deanery SWOT 2013 [119.4 kB]
Melbury Abbas St Thomas [81.6 kB]
Melbury Team [45.7 kB]
Mere [224.6 kB]

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Oakdale [24.2 kB]
Okeford Benefice [11.6 kB]
Oldbury Benefice [14.1 kB]

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Parkstone St Luke [142.5 kB]
Pewsey Deanery [517.6 kB]
Piddle Valley etc [60.3 kB]
Pitton [13.9 kB]
Purbeck Hills [78.0 kB]
Purse Caundle St Peter [16.0 kB]

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Ridgeway Benefice [108.6 kB]

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Savernake Team [17.4 kB]
Seend, Bulkington, Poulshot [15.3 kB]
Shaftesbury St Peter [59.7 kB]
Sherborne Abbey w Castleton, Lilington and Longburton [2.0 MB]
Shrewton St Mary [130.3 kB]
Silton [8.4 kB]
Soutbroom St James [83.5 kB]
St Bartholomew [12.7 kB]
Stalbridge St Mary [18.3 kB]
Stock Gaylard St Barnabas [24.3 kB]
Stock w King's Stag [8.8 kB]
Stourton Caundle St Peter [23.6 kB]
Stratford-sub-Castle [124.4 kB]
Sturminster Newton [115.6 kB]
Swanage All Saints [27.1 kB]

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Trowbridge St James w Keevil [11.7 kB]
Trowbridge St Thomas [216.2 kB]

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Upper Kennet [83.2 kB]
Upper Stour- covering email [7.5 kB]
Upper Stour [40.8 kB]
Upper Wylye [55.3 kB]
Upton Scudamore St Mary the Virgin [16.4 kB]
Upwey St Lawrence [10.1 kB]  

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Vale of Pewsey [61.7 kB]
Vale of the White Horse [57.0 kB]
Verwood [20.2 kB]

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Wareham [14.3 kB]
Warminster Christ Church [39.8 kB]
West Lavington [62.5 kB]
West Moors [75.2 kB]
Westbury and Dilton Marsh [25.0 kB]
Western Downland [18.4 kB]
Weymouth Holy Trinity [8.4 kB]
Weymouth St Paul [77.2 kB]
Whitton Benefice [10.6 kB]
Wilton et al [272.0 kB]
Wimborne- Anthony Sherman [8.1 kB]
Wimborne Minster [132.4 kB]
Winterborne Gunner [19.7 kB]
Woodford Valley w Archers Gate [72.0 kB]

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Yetminster St Andrew [48.2 kB]

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