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Bishop of Salisbury Easter Message, April 2019

by Michael Ford last modified 07 May, 2019 01:48 PM

The Way of Love, the best place to live, and Notre Dame all feature in the Bishop’s Easter Message for 2019, preached at Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday 21 April.

In his Easter Message, the Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, has spoken of “the Way of Love”.

Preaching at the Easter Vigil at 5am in the Cathedral, where four hundred people gathered for the service, the Bishop also spoke about the recent devastating fire at Notre Dame and the good news that Salisbury has been termed the best place to live in the UK.

At the Vigil, the Bishop confirmed thirteen people and baptised another, he later went on to take the Easter Morning Service at St John’s West Grimstead in Wiltshire.

Taking his thoughts from Luke 24.1-12, the Bishop said:
“Last year because of Novichok it took a bit of faith to visit Salisbury. This year Salisbury is the best place in the UK to live. It is the same place.

“Last week we watched with horror as Notre Dame burned. We have just lit the new fire outside the cathedral. The flames crackled with raw energy and light from which the Paschal candle was lit. It was the same fire.

“Early in the morning the women came to the tomb. Luke says they were perplexed, terrified and amazed.

“In time, the Resurrection became the moment that changed the world and made sense of the teaching of Jesus in which the Kingdom of God was very near.

“It is the way of love. The summary of the law associated with Jesus is “love God and love your neighbour as yourself”. He taught that your neighbour is without limit, not just your family or tribe of the people you like but everyone throughout the world. In Christ love begins at home but it does not stop at home.

“In the way of Jesus we are taught to be generous and to forgive ourselves and one another. It allows new life.

“In the way of Jesus we learn to be thankful for everything and to be reverent of the gifts of creation. It is the way of renewal.

“In the way of Jesus we seek the truth and are willing to be judged by it because we know the truth will set us free.

“This is the way of Jesus Christ to which we commit this Easter morning. It is the way of resurrection and new life.“

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