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Street Pastors June 2012

by Michael Ford last modified 23 Jul, 2012 07:39 PM

A short homily

A Rabbi said that Jews are taught to give at least one hundred blessings a day.  It’s a bit like the New Testament teaching to give thanks for everything.

Here are a few blessings to get you started tonight:

Blessed be this city, holy and commercial

Blessed be the bus driver who brings people here for a good night out

Blessed be the barman who pulls the first pint;

And blessed be the early evening for all its hopes and fun and optimism for time with friends.

Blessed be the young man out on the town after a six month tour in Afghanistan;

And blessed be his mother, still anxious for his safety.

Blessed be the young ones looking for love;

And blessed be our freedom to choose how to spend the night.

Blessed be Jonty; blessed be the night club owners, who care for their customers;

And blessed be the Policewoman who smiles, firmly.

Blessed be the cleaner who doesn’t complain at the mess made night after night, week after week

And blessed be the Street Pastors who refuse to judge and show loving kindness, even to the rude fool.

Blessed be God’s people with all our varied complexity;

And blessed be God who loves this city and all its people; who is Almighty yet the one thing He cannot do is to forget you.

Blessed be God who in Jesus Christ and the stranger, the Samaritan and outcast shows us how to love God and our neighbour as ourselves;

And blessed be those who show mercy to those in need.


+Nicholas Sarum
28 June 2012

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