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by Michael Ford last modified 20 Dec, 2021 10:21 AM

This page has a variety of contacts and links for specific chaplaincy.

Chaplaincy Forum

In this diocese, we seek to support a variety of Chaplains exercising a vital ministry in hospitals, schools, hospices, the armed forces, prisons, to various faith groups including the emergency services, and in the workplace. The Chaplaincy Forum brings together those who co-ordinate chaplaincy in their particular sector.

The Forum is co-ordinated by


Police Chaplaincy


Chaplaincy in Schools

As a valued, supported, sustainable Christian presence in a secondary school, Chaplaincy has a long and vital history in church schools. It is also a new and developing ministry in maintained schools and colleges. More here 


Agricultural & Rural Chaplaincy


Chaplain to Gypsies and Travellers

Gypsies and Travellers form the largest minority ethnic groups in our area. Jonathan offers training for clergy and others who may be working with Gypsies, Travellers, Showmen, and Boat People; travels around the Southwest of England visiting those communities and groups; and can help with mediation when the needs and wishes of Gypsies and Travellers give rise to tensions in local parishes.

Chaplain to the Deaf Community

Many deaf people regard themselves as being members of a distinct language group rather than as being disabled. Neil can offer advice on including deaf people in the full life of their parishes. More here; visit the 'Churches Open for All' page here; download his calling card here.

Learning Disability and Homelessness

Alabaré Christian Care & Support offers Christian Chaplaincy to those who are vulnerable due to Learning Disability or Homelessness.

Chaplaincy to the Armed Forces 

Dorset and Wiltshire have some significant military establishments. Each establishment hosts chaplains, known as Padres, under the direction of the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department or the Royal Naval Chaplaincy Service. More here 

Law Courts Chaplaincy

Leaflet here.

Chaplaincy Hub

Steve resources our Salisbury based Chaplaincy HUB, particularly for part-time and voluntary chaplains including Street Pastors, those working in the law courts and with the charity Alabaré.

Cathedral Chaplaincy

Chaplains at Salisbury provide an outreach pastoral ministry to the visitors. They offer pastoral care, prayer, answer questions about the Christian Faith and conduct mid week Holy Communion Services. They are on duty for 3 hours each Monday to Saturday. There are about 30 in the team.

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