Communications Training 2018

by Gerry Lynch last modified 15 Oct, 2018 03:23 PM

Great communications courses this summer

The Diocesan Communications Team ran two courses in the early summer of 2018 at venues across the Diocese.

One was Get Your Church Noticed, a packed two hour rumble through the principles of communications for parish churches, from writing a press release to designing a notice board. The other was Good Church Photos with Your Phone, teaching you how to get the most of your smartphone to take great pictures of the life, worship and witness of your church.

These courses are open to all involved in the life of our churches, and our ecumenical partners across the Christian spectrum, so do spread the word, around your PCC, congregation, and beyond.

Getting Your Church noticed.

In a world of information overload and slick marketing, how do you make your church visible against the noise? We`ll cover a number of topics in an action packed two hour session.

Topics include: Biblical principles for communication; marketing and branding for your church; the importance of images and stories; how to deal with the local press and radio; your church website and A Church Near You.

More courses to be added

Good Church Photos with Your Phone

Most of us carry phones with us that have a good quality built-in camera; yet, results in and outside churches can be disappointing - dark, blurred or silhouetted shots. Yet, you don`t need to be a pro to take great shots nearly every time. Let me teach you how basic, but revolutionary, skills to help you look for the light, avoid blurs and create images of your church as a happy and welcoming community.

More courses to be added

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