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Articles for Grapevine

by Michael Ford last modified 12 Nov, 2018 01:41 PM

Tips for getting your story published

We are always looking for new, exciting, colourful, heartwarming, life-changing, quirky, unusual, community-affecting Christian stories.

Firstly, we need to know the three Ws - What, Where and When - as basics, plus any extra detail to add colour to your story.

It would be a great help if your story included the following:

  • 150-250 words
  • A paragraph to introduce the piece, and each paragraph developing the story in distinct chunks
  • Sentences of no more than 30 words
  • Paragraphs of no more than 4 sentences
  • Quotes from relevant people, especially those mentioned in the piece
  • A well-taken photograph
  • Contact details, including telephone and email as appropriate

The paper’s primary function is 'mission', so articles should focus on this. Most items should also have a local connection - in the case of the Diocese of Salisbury, within the Wiltshire/ Dorset areas.

Contact the Editor:

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