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The latest bonus content for Grapevine is added here.

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Updated Listing Jun-Jul 2019

AUDIO: 'Transforming Lives'- Interview with Ruth Peers

Jun-Jul 2019

AUDIO: 'Breaking Bread in Schools'- Interview with the Revd Richard Curtis

May-Jun 2019

AUDIO: 'Go For It!'- interview with the Revd Lorraine Dobbins

Apr-May 2019

ARTICLE: 'Body Image'- Darren Dalton interview on Radio Solent

Mar-Apr 2019

FULL ARTICLE: 'A Tale of Two Town Pastors'- interviews with Neil Biles and Anne Ainsworth

Feb-Mar 2019

AUDIO: 'Growing With Love'- an interview with the Revd Canon Jonathan Triffitt
VIDEO: 'Learning The Dialect'- an interview with the Bishop of Ramsbury, Andrew Rumsey
TRANSCRIPT: 'Learning The Dialect', with the Bishop of Ramsbury, Andrew Rumsey
FULL DETAILS: 'First Rural Day'

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