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On the Vine

by Michael Ford last modified 15 Oct, 2021 03:55 PM

The latest bonus content for Grapevine is added here.

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Updated Listing October 2021

LONGER READ: We must not leave a desert - world faith leaders issue an official appeal ahead of the COP26 climate talks
LONGER READ: The end of an era - after 160 years, the Salisbury Diocesan Choral Festival Group hands its work over to the RSCM

June 2021

LONGER READ: The Church and Racial Justice- On Acknowledging History and Repairing Tradition 

May 2021

LONGER READ: 1600 years of Management, Ministry and Maintenance 

April 2021

LONGER READ: Reflections on Racism and the Church- Participation 

January 2021

LONGER READ: "I was lucky to be vaccinated" 
LONGER READ: So you have been asked to be Churchwarden, now what? 

December 2020

LONGER READ: Courage in the Face of Persecution 

November 2020

LONGER READ: A Vision of Prevention
LONGER READ: Bishop's Breakfast

July 2020

LONGER READ: Being Deaf in a time of Coronavirus
LONGER READ: William Wilberforce, My Ancestor
LONGER READ: Making the Diocese of Salisbury a Safer Place
LONGER READ: Accompaniment, Community and Nature
LONGER READ: Treasure in my pocket

May 2020

LONGER READ: Our Priorities- Transforming Lives and Communities
LONGER READ: A lay minister’s reflection on how Church is changing

April 2020

LONGER READ: Our Priorities: Collaborative Leadership

March 2020

LONGER READ: Our Priorities: Discipleship and Evangelism

September 2019

VIDEO: 'What makes a successful rural church?'- interview with Mark Betson

Jun-Jul 2019

AUDIO: 'Transforming Lives'- Interview with Ruth Peers

Jun-Jul 2019

AUDIO: 'Breaking Bread in Schools'- Interview with the Revd Richard Curtis

May-Jun 2019

AUDIO: 'Go For It!'- interview with the Revd Lorraine Dobbins

Apr-May 2019

ARTICLE: 'Body Image'- Darren Dalton interview on Radio Solent

Mar-Apr 2019

FULL ARTICLE: 'A Tale of Two Town Pastors'- interviews with Neil Biles and Anne Ainsworth

Feb-Mar 2019

AUDIO: 'Growing With Love'- an interview with the Revd Canon Jonathan Triffitt
VIDEO: 'Learning The Dialect'- an interview with the Bishop of Ramsbury, Andrew Rumsey
TRANSCRIPT: 'Learning The Dialect', with the Bishop of Ramsbury, Andrew Rumsey
FULL DETAILS: 'First Rural Day'

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