Parish Magazines

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Local news in church and civic parishes.

We read as many parish magazines as we can.

We follow up on news stories, events or other items, as relevant. Sometimes these are shared on FacebookTwitter or Events; sometimes, they are front page newsSchools news, or short stories in Grapevine. The national church are always on the lookout for suitable stories.

Free content for editors

We supply a variety of content which you can take and use, for free:

  • Click here to log into Facebook and visit our page, which has lots of photos...
  • Flickr needs no login and it's easy to download photos [see here]...
  • Or there's Twitter, if you prefer
  • Click here for our Events page, which often features content drawn directly from parish magazines
  • Grapevine, published ten times a year, features human-interest stories, with letters from all three bishops in turn and occasional events or campaigns. Our editors' page has links to formatted PDF, unformatted Word and print-ready colour/ grayscale photos in each case
  • Click here for Humour and other pages featuring selected parish magazine content
  • We email notices periodically, if we are contacted by third parties. We maintain a list of magazines that are happy to receive these, but we do not share the list and we do not spam anyone!

Paid content and services

Parish Pump is a great way to help plan your magazines. Click here to browse their website.

The Sign is part of Hymns Ancient and Modern, which publishes the Church Times. Every issue features articles, reflections, a recipe, book reviews, poetry, a competition with a prize, and a church calendar. Includes content from the Church Times and magnet. Click here for the latest.

The CofE has subsidised training courses for parish magazine editors. Click here for the latest.

Sending us your magazine

If your publication is not circulated to us, we would be happy to receive it, either by post or electronically. If you send it to us by post but would prefer to send electronically, that's fine too. To make arrangements, simply contact Michael, as below.

We are happy to help if you have queries or need any informal advice.

What we do with the magazines we read

Once read, our printed copies go to the Bishop's Office. Periodically, they are picked up by Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre for cataloguing and redistribution to parish archives.

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