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The Sarum Link

by Michael Ford last modified 28 Nov, 2019 10:21 AM

The former ten-times-a-year newspaper of the Diocese of Salisbury.

The September 2013 edition was the last one. All our archive copies have now been bound and made available to view at Church House, Salisbury SP1 2QB.

Previous publications in our archive

The Sarum Link (newspaper), 1988-2013
The Sarum Link (booklet), 1969-1987
Salisbury Diocesan News, 1960-1968
The Sarum Gazette, 1948-1964
Salisbury Diocesan Gazette, 1888-1909

Hello To 'Grapevine'

From the final 2013 edition of the Sarum Link newspaper:

This month’s edition of the Sarum Link marks the end of a publication and the end of an era; but in some ways it is no more than the turning of a page. The stories of Christ’s followers in Dorset and Wiltshire must still be told, as we live His risen life, bring life to others and give light to the world.

From next month, the Diocesan Communications Team will produce a new monthly newsletter called Grapevine. As the name implies, Grapevine will be aimed at helping worshippers in parishes across the Diocese share their stories of transforming lives and building God’s kingdom.

Depending on where you live, you will be able to read Grapevine as a parish magazine insert, a pewsheet, or as an e-newsletter from your parish or benefice. If none of these options is available or you live outside the Diocese, you will be able to sign up directly to receive Grapevine by e-mail on the Salisbury Diocesan website.

There will be 10 editions of Grapevine per year, beginning with an October edition which will be circulated in late September. At just four A5 pages, this will be a much shorter publication than the Sarum Link. It will also be somewhat different in style.

Three key principles will guide us as we produce the new publication.

1. A focus on real life stories. Most of the content will be stories of how parishioners and schools are transforming lives and serving their neighbours both at home and around the world.

2. Jargon-free, plain English. We’ll work hard to use plain English and avoid churchy jargon. Our publication should be as exciting and accessible to all readers. While primarily aimed at the regular churchgoers who are the backbone of Church life, we hope Grapevine will also be entertaining and engaging to nonchurchgoers who read it.

3. Short, relevant messages. The publication will remain the key method that diocesan leaders have to speak directly to local church members, so some content will reflect that. We’ll try to keep those messages as punchy and jargon-free as the rest of the publication.

The next six months or so will be a period of transition as we tweak the look and content of the new publication and work to secure and expand Grapevine’s distribution. We need your feedback to make this the best publication we can. You can contact the Communications Team via or Church House, Crane Street, Salisbury SP1 2QB.

The Christian story has been told in Wessex since the time of Aldhelm and the Saxon saints, indeed even before that in the days of the early Romano-British Christians. The means by which that story has been told have been revolutionised countless times, and the transition from Sarum Link to Grapevine reflects the information revolution that defines the contemporary world.

Yet the story remains the same - that the creator of the universe loves us so much that he became one of us, and died to save us. It is first and foremost a love story. May God give us all the grace and skill to share it, and thereby redeem the world.

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