Inter-religious Work

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Promoting good relations and deeper understanding between Christians and people of other faiths.

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Canon Guy advises the Bishop of Salisbury on work with other religions, promotes good relations between Christians and other faiths in the Diocese and encourages church people to learn more about the teaching and practice of other religions.

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Updated Listing From the Bishop of Salisbury’s Office:
The Bishop is very grateful indeed for the Revd Canon Guy Wilkinson who has been the Advisor on Other Faiths and made an enormous difference in making contact with communities across the diocese from Portland to Trowbridge. Guy will be moving back to Herefordshire at the end of November. He has made a significant contribution to the life of the Diocese.
The Revd Canon Bill Cave, who is also Chaplain to Wiltshire Police, will take over as the Bishop’s Advisor on Other Faiths. Bill comes with an enormous amount of chaplaincy experience and of having worked in sensitive mediation. He has begun to make contact with other faith communities around the diocese and the Bishop is grateful to him for taking on this additional responsibility.

Bill Cave and Guy Wilkinson chat to the muezzin

Bill Cave and Guy Wilkinson chat to the muezzin at the Muslim Association of Salisbury

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