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Churchyards, Headstones and Burials

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Jan, 2021 03:09 PM

The area around a church is a public space, and is often the legal burial ground for the parish. Much of the regulation of churchyards is under the faculty jurisdiction.

Most of the time, if there are burials in the churchyard, whether or not it is around the church itself, the ground will have been consecrated.

When additional land is added to churchyards, or consecrated areas are added to cemeteries, a ceremonial service of consecration takes place on the land, and the Bishop sets the land aside for sacred purposes, namely the burial of those who have died resident in the parish or in the parish at the time of their death.

Other people may be buried there if permission is given and there is space available, but for the people of the parish or dying in the parish it is a right of burial as long as space remains.

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