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Web Page Troff document Honorary Treasurer - Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust by Michael Ford — last modified 26 Nov, 2019 05:11 PM
The Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust seeks a volunteer to take over the role of Trust Treasurer. This is a fulfilling and enjoyable role, at the heart of a vibrant county charity which contributes to the wellbeing of the church within Wiltshire.
Web Page Volunteer Chaplaincy Co-ordinator - Wiltshire Council by Michael Ford — last modified 07 Oct, 2019 11:36 AM
We are looking for a volunteer Chaplaincy Co-ordinator for Wiltshire Council to take over from the Revd Rob Thomas. This could be a role undertaken by an ordained person wanting to develop a 6th day ministry outside of parish ministry, or a lay person.
Web Page 'A Church Near You' Champion by Michael Ford — last modified 02 Oct, 2019 02:21 PM
Seeking a volunteer Champion to help parishes keep their listings up-to-date, on a website receiving three million visits a year. 4 hours per week.
Web Page Volunteer with Safe Families by Michael Ford — last modified 17 Jun, 2019 04:53 PM
Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) works hand-in-hand with children’s services to link families in need with local volunteers who can offer help and support.

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