AFIA Holiday Leader - Mothers' Union

by Michael Ford last modified 08 Mar, 2019 01:03 PM

Each year the Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Salisbury supports an AFIA (Away from It All) holiday for around 20 families, made up of 25-30 adults and 40-45 children. The holiday is run by a team of volunteers (typically 12), with the Team Leader responsible for organising the holiday.

The application process starts in Q1 and should end by April/ May. It is a matter of sending out and receiving application forms.

The main part of the work starts in April/ May (equivalent of 1 day per week) as the programme starts to develop, numbers start to firm up, arrangements are finalised with the hotel, volunteers recruited.

The busiest time is the 3 or 4 weeks before the holiday, for obvious reasons, and probably requires a commitment of the equivalent of 2 days per week, max.

More info here.

These holidays make a huge difference to any families who are referred to us.

Please consider applying!

Inquiries to Jenny Harrison via .

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