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Refreshing our Vision

by Michael Ford last modified 14 Feb, 2020 02:53 PM

Hope is a defining characteristic of the Christian Church, founded upon the saving work of God in Christ. This hope, for the renewal of all things in the coming Kingdom of Heaven, gives meaning and purpose to the life of each Christian community. To renew hope, then, is to refresh our Christian vision, so we may see the Kingdom come.

This paper provides Diocesan Synod members with background information on the “Refreshing Our Vision” presentation and discussion which will take place at the February 2020 Synod. The paper aims to outline the purpose of Refreshing our Vision, the journey we have collectively embarked on; who and how we serve; our priorities for growth; how our ambitions need to be supported by a sustainable financial framework; and our Diocesan commitments.

Following the conclusion, the paper outlines the next steps and invites Synod to affirm this next stage of our life together.

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