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The ancient role of Cantor is a tried and tested way to teach, lead and inspire groups of people to sing.

The cantor will sing out a congregational melody and support them as they learn it.
They will then sing the verses of a psalm or text of the Gloria, bringing in the congregation with their response.

A growing repertoire of music for worship uses the cantor to lead responsorial material.

Service settings (Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus), intercessions, psalmody, gathering music, worship songs, psalm songs.

Do you have someone in your choir or congregation who could take on the role of Cantor in your church?
Are you already cantoring and want to explore available repertoire? Would you like to explore the use of a choir for cantoring?
Do you want to use responsorial settings of Psalms or Communion settings?

You will find that with a little bit of training, someone with the right voice and personality can broaden the use of music and enable new music to be rehearsed and learned quickly by your congregation.

Courses for Cantors appear from time to time in the diocese. Please check with The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) for workshop details.


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