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Reading List

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2015 12:57 PM

Most of the books on this list are available in the reference library at Sarum College, Salisbury. The list is intended as a resource for those who wish to study further and also as a source for information when writing essays. Students should dip into this list when necessary or when inspired. Book titles are associated with each Module.

Updated ListingClick here for the main list

The links to websites given may provide sources where books may be purchased on the internet. Please try and find a copy in a library first as sometimes you may only need to read a chapter or the book may be costly or even unobtainable. If you have any problems sourcing books, please let Robert Fielding know.

Module 1: The Role of Music in Worship

Module 2: The Liturgical Year and Repertoire 1 - Holy Week - Easter 

Module 3: The Singing Voice in Worship

Module 4: Instruments in Worship 1

Module 5: Eucharistic Shape and Music

Module 6: Using Psalms in Worship

Module 7: Worship Planning and Management - working together

Module 8: The Liturgical Year and Repertoire 2: Advent - Christmas 

Module 9: Using Technology in Worship

Module 10: Morning and Evening Prayer

A hard copy of material for use at Morning & Evening Prayer exists in Sarum College Library, Salisbury if you are able to visit.

Module 11: Instruments in Worship 2

Module 12: Hymns and Worship Songs

Module 13: The Liturgical year and repertoire 3: Easter - Pentecost

Module 14: Children and Parish Worship - connecting school with church

Module 15: Alternative Forms of Worship

Module 16: Contemporary Hymnody

Other Useful Titles

  • Thirty Ways to Use Music in Worship, John Leach, Grove Worship Series W209, 2011, ISBN 978 1 85174 810 S
  • New Patterns for Worship, Church House Publishing, ISBN 0715120603
  • Alternative Worship in the Church of England, Paul Roberts, Grove Books, ISBN 1851744150
  • Sing it again, the place of short songs in worship, Anne Harrison, Grove Books, ISBN 1851745378
  • Hymns and Spiritual Songs - the use of traditional and modern in worship, John Leach, Grove Books, ISBN 1851742883
  • How Hymns Shape Our Lives, Rosalind Brown, Grove Books, ISBN 185174472X
  • Understanding Songs in Renewal, Victoria Cooke, Grove Books, ISBN 1851744622
  • Foundations of Christian Music, Edward Foley, Grove Books, ISBN 1851742182
  • Common Worship - Times and Seasons, Church House Publishing, ISBN 071512112X
  • Using Common Worship (Times & Seasons) All Saints to Candlemas, David Kennedy, Church House Publishing, ISBN 0715121138

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