by Michael Ford last modified 18 Nov, 2010 02:09 AM

The name ‘Iona’ has come to mean more than the island off the West coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides. Like Taizé, it represents a distinctive musical style and repertoire. The Iona Community is now a global trade name that publishes its work through Wild Goose Publications.

"The Iona Community was founded during the Depression years of the 1930s when George MacLeod took a group of trainee ministers and unemployed shipworkers from Glasgow’s Clydeside to the island of Iona to rebuild part of the ancient abbey. Intended as a sign of hope in dark times, it was also an experiment in living as a community that worked and worshipped together.

Over sixty years on, the Community is still committed to a spirituality of engagement and challenge and continues to thrive as a dispersed group of members, associates and friends from many walks of life based all over the UK and in many other countries."

John Bell and Graham Maule are names that are synonymous with the community. The large number of publications that they have worked together on are best sellers. The style ranges from contemplative to challenging and speaks directly to people. There is also a large number of training books for singers and liturgists. Visiting the website is probably the best way of finding out what the Iona Community offers you. 

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