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The page where organists can find information about workshops, training and make contact with their local Organists' Association.


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Lively courses for young organists.
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South Wessex Organ Society

Promoting the art and appreciation of organ music through education, training, concerts and recitals.

Getting started

You may have been attracted to playing the organ by hearing a recording or someone playing. You may have tried to learn yourself and found it difficult to know where to start. Taking regular lessons with a good teacher will ensure that you progress steadily with a correct technique that will enable you to develop as a player of one of the most exciting instruments in the world!

Young Organists are able to take lessons with teachers on our list at a subsidised rate. The Tindall Trust will fund regular weekly or two-weekly lessons, as well as costs for hiring the organ for the lessons. To be eligible for this funding, pupils must be of school age, ie between 7 and 18.

Chris Totney and Richard Godfrey are happy to help with inquiries, including places to practise, possible teachers and information for volunteer organists.


Local Organist Associations

Visit the website of the Incorporated Association of Organists website for an interactive map:

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