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Salisbury Diocesan Choral Festival Group

by Michael Ford last modified 25 Feb, 2021 11:15 AM

Choral Festivals in the Diocese and Diocesan Awards to Choristers

Singers at the 2015 festival


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A statement from the diocese of Salisbury:

The diocesan choral festivals, currently run by the Salisbury Diocesan Choral Festival Group (SDCFG), started some considerable time before the formation of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). The festivals (and chorister awards) have continued to be organised by this diocese unlike most other dioceses where the responsibility for these was handed over to the RSCM many years ago.

The RSCM has recently made changes, some quite significant, to its local area structure and as a result of this they will no longer be prepared to validate our diocesan awards as being equivalent to theirs.

After much deliberation and consultation it has been decided to stand down the Salisbury Diocesan Choral Festival Group in a phased manner bearing in mind the arrangements already in place and the time it will take for the RSCM area committee to put in place future arrangements.

With immediate effect the SDCFG will cease to examine the Diocesan Bishop’s and Dean’s awards.

This year’s festival (2021), using the book planned for 2020, will go ahead in October 2021 (unless circumstances dictate otherwise) and this will be the last choral festival organised by the diocese.

Future choral festivals (from 2022) and chorister awards(from February 2021) will be organised by the RSCM.


The objectives of the Salisbury Diocesan Choral Festival Group are:

To support church choirs in the diocese through the provision of Choral Festivals in the diocese and the production of resource material in the form of the associated Festival Book or other publications.Click here to learn about the festivals.

 If you are thinking about starting a Children's Choir in your parish click here to listen to the experiences of one parish and click here for the associated resource list. If you want to contact the Choir Leader do so via the Treasurer's email address below.

To administer the Diocesan Awards to Choristers and to determine the syllabi of the Examinations for the awards. Click here to find out the syllabi for the awards and the current examination arrangements.

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Contact Details:

By email:

Chairman: [Vacant]



Awards Secretary:

By post: SDCFG, 1 Redgrave Close, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0HW UK

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