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by David King last modified 14 Oct, 2020 09:21 AM

Current details for the Bishop's and Dean's Chorister Awards

Updated Listing = latest updates

Diocesan Awards To Choristers


The Dean's and Bishop's awards are designed to encourage choristers to achieve a high standard of singing and musicianship. The awards will integrate with the training used by choirs that use the RSCM 'Voice for Life' scheme (though there is no compulsion to use this training scheme to enter the awards) and the Bishop's Award is a requirement for those wishing to proceed to the RSCM Gold Award.

The Voice for Life scheme enables singers to develop their musical skills and understanding within the context of their choir. These awards are validated by the RSCM at the Bronze standard (Dean's Award) and Silver standard (Bishop's Award) and their 'Voice for Life' scheme provides opportunities for the singer's development to be affirmed beyond their own church, through the RSCM's regional network.

Candidates for the Bishop's Award should previously have passed the Dean's Award (or any other Award validated by the RSCM at Bronze level). Successful candidates are entitled to wear the appropriate Award medallion.

Results of the Awards are sent to the person entering the candidates as soon as practical after the examination session and will be posted on the Diocesan website shortly afterwards and published in the RSCM 'Church Music Quarterly'.

The awards are open to choristers of all ages and denominations who are members or either Anglican Churches in the Diocese of Salisbury or choirs affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music (Wessex Area), and the syllabi have been carefully complied with this in mind.


Listen to audio introductions to the revised syllabi for the Dean's Award and the Bishop's Award by clicking below:

     Dean's Award

     Bishop's Award


Download the syllabi

Download the repertoire lists

Download the Regulations

Download the marking criteria

Download the entry form (Word)

Download the entry form (pdf)


Download the 2021 arrangements

Download the 'Parental Authority' form 

Download the 2014 Examiners Report


Updated Listing

Examination Arrangements for 2021


There is one change to the regulations, the formal requirement under section D for candidates to have attended a 'day of special music making' is deleted, see the Regulations section 25.

Currently no awards examination sessions are planned for 2021, when there is a clearer view of the possibility of either 'face to face' or 'remote' examinations this will be updated.

 If a church has a minimum of four candidates ready for examination as 'special visit' may be requested and the Awards Secretary will attempt to organise a visit when life returns to 'normal'.

Examination fees for 2021 will be £32.50 for the Dean's Award and £37.50 for the Bishop's Award

Medallions for successful candidates cost £22.50 (plus postage where appropriate) for both awards.

Please ensure that entry letters have the correct postage paid in line with the Post Office pricing guidelines. A C4 envelope which takes A4 unfolded is a LARGE LETTER

All entries must be sent to:
SDCFG Awards Secretary. 1 Redgrave Close, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 0HW

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