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People say that to ‘do’ Taizé, you need to go to worship in Taizé. Many have and many will...

To pick up some of the atmosphere of the place, and also access to the many resources on offer, click on the following links and browse the website:


Friday 28 April-Monday 1 May: Taizé Events
‘Hidden Treasure’: Taizé in Birmingham for those aged 16-35
In cooperation with the local churches of the city, the international and interdenominational Taizé Community will be leading a young adult gathering in Birmingham over the Early May Bank Holiday weekend.
A regular common prayer for all participants will be at the heart of the weekend. Brother Alois, prior of the community, will speak at some of the evening prayers.
In 11 host neighbourhoods of the city, people of different churches are working in teams to prepare accommodation and the morning programme for participants. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, there will be workshops, forums and visits, on a wide variety of subjects.
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