Worship Bands

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Useful repertoire, arrangements and training courses.

This is an area where you, the reader may be able to help. It would also be very useful to list contact details of anyone who might be willing to give advice to new groups or just be there to answer questions.

Within the Diocesan Certificate, there are two modules available for those who lead instrumental groups.

1.    Instruments in Worship 1

This module considers how musical instruments may be used in worship with reference to:

  • skills required in playing instruments and appropriate training
  • skills required by those responsible for organising groups
  • arranging for instruments
  • transposing instruments
  • use of bells – small and large
  • keyboard instruments
  • combining instruments with voices
  • amplification and microphones
  • technology and available equipment
  • using recorded music
  • publications for instrumental groups
  • pastoral issues and parish policies
  • opportunities for instrumental music in worship

9.    Instruments in Worship 2

This module looks at the skills required for arranging music for instrumental groups, voices and organ, and for presentation of your own compositions using desk-top publishing software. Practicalities of instruments, voices, and presentation of score and parts. Harmonisation. Descants and ‘last verse’ arrangements. Texture and colour. Arranging music for the organ.

Four workshops for players and leaders coming up and all on the same day and at the same place!

Music in Worship Day

There are normally two workshops during this day aimed at instrumentalists and leaders of music groups. Please check for details on the Music in Worship Day page.

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