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Staff Prayers

by Michael Ford last modified 15 Jan, 2021 12:15 PM

15-20 minute devotional prayer times for Wednesday mornings, usually held at Church House, the Diocesan Education Centre, Salisbury Cathedral or Sarum College. Selected resources are posted here.


A-Z by topic:

'Ambassadors' - Derek Holloway
The Bible says that Christians are ambassadors for Christ. Are we? What does that look like?
Resources: leader's sheet (download the PDF) 
For more reflections in this style, see 'Food for Thought', the pack of 30 reflections written by Derek Holloway, former Diocesan RE Adviser, for use with secondary pupils in schools and for small groups.
Click here to visit the page.

'Be True' - the Ven Alan Jeans
Be true to the person God made you to be.
Resources: liturgy (PDF here).

'Building the Kingdom' - Michael Ford
God is building His Kingdom, but what does that mean in practice? And where does sculpture fit in?
Resources: leader's notes with Octon template (PDF here), device able to play a YouTube clip or MP3 (supply your own).

'Celebrating God's Word' - the Revd Ian Cooper
Liturgy and reflections on the Bible for Bible Sunday.
Resources: leader's notes (download a PDF), liturgy (download a PDF).

'Celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year' - Michael Ford
A rich, fascinating, multi-sensory way to celebrate the end of Harvest and God's provision.
Resources: leader's notes (download a PDF), plus various other items as you see fit (see leader's notes for the full list!).

'A Post-Brexit Christmas Reading' - Michael Ford
We've all heard "the people walking in darkness have seen a great light." But why is it so applicable to post-Brexit Britain? Here's one possibility...
Resources: leader's notes (download a PDF), reading script for up to three people (download a PDF), semi-animated slideshow (download PowerPoint here).

'Ember Days' - the Ven Alan Jeans
What are Ember Days and why should we be interested in them? The answers may surprise you...
Resources: leader's narrative (PDF here), liturgy (PDF here).

'Epiphany' - Canon Tony Monds
Beautiful images and well-chosen text to accompany the celebration of Epiphanytide.
Resources: slideshow (download PowerPoint here), music of choice (not supplied).

'February 29th' - Revd Dr Stella Wood
A lighthearted look at the tradition of women's proposals on this day. Would Jesus approve?
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF).

'Grace' - Adrian Smale
Drawing on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, we can overcome difficulties and offer forgiveness by God's amazing grace, instead of casting stones.
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), A4 visual (download a PDF).
Those featured on the visual include:
 - Ben Freeth [Wikipedia page] [Amazon page]
 - Martin Luther King Jr [Wikipedia page]
 - Bishop Desmond Tutu [Wikipedia page]
 - Corrie Ten Boom [Wikipedia page] [YouTube clip]

'Light' - Michael Ford
Centuries of scientific research into the nature of light have revealed its properties. These reflect the nature of God and provide the best-ever analogy for the Holy Trinity.
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), candle lantern (supply your own).

'Living Water' - Michael Ford
A prophetic picture of the effect Christians can have on the world around us as we let His living water flow through us.
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), visual (download a JPG), handouts (download a PDF), paddling pool and other water-carrying objects (supply your own).

'Lord's Prayer: Testing and Punctuation' - Michael Ford
The Lord's Prayer includes the phrase 'lead us not into temptation'. God doesn't tempt us, so why is in it in there?
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), paper, pen (supply your own).

'Love your neighbour as yourself' - Mark Lacey
If we are to do this, what does it mean to "love yourself"? Here are 12 tips to get you started.
Resources: tips sheet (download a PDF)

'Northumbria Community' - Stephen Dawson
What might this monastic community have to offer today's society? Here is a taster, with a musical meditation using Albinoni's 'Adagio from Oboe Concerto No 2'.
Resources: leader's notes and readings (download a PDF), liturgy (download a PDF), music player and speakers if required (supply your own).

'Our Faithful God' - Adrian Smale
A visual meditation on a God who keeps his promises, using spectacular photos taken in Canada. A PowerPoint with high-resolution photos is available on request.
Resources: PDF version of the PowerPoint (download it here), reflective instrumental music (supply your own).

'Salt' - Michael Ford
Salt is powerful, versatile and even prophetic. What does it mean to 'have salt among yourselves' and have 'conversation seasoned with grace'?
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), assorted types of salt, assorted bowls, water (supply your own).

'Taizé' - the Revd Ian Cooper
A short service in the Taizé style, with stave music included.
Resources: service sheet (download a PDF), Intercessions (download a PDF).

'Terce' - Gerry Lynch
A short service based on the monastic form of Terce, with a musical meditation using Arvo Pärt's 'Spiegel im Spiegel'.
Resources: service sheet (download a PDF), music player and speakers if required (supply your own).

'Troubled Times' - Adrian Smale
A short service based on Bible readings and prayers for war-torn countries and those in need.
Resources: service sheet with visuals for PowerPoint (download a PDF), laptop with PowerPoint (supply your own).

'Values Matter' - Adrian Smale
Let's not lose sight of our biblical values as changes continue. A meditation on selected Scriptures, with music and PowerPoint to accompany our thoughts and prayers.
Resources: Notes and Scriptures to print out, with link with reflective music (download a PDF), and PowerPoint (download it here), laptop or music player and speakers if required (supply your own).

'Week of Prayer for Christian Unity' - Colin Brady
Praying with those of other traditions, sharing life and learning together, can bring true richness and be deeply moving.
Resources: PowerPoint (download it here), Order-of-Service script (download an example).

'Who Do You Think You Are?' - Stephen Dawson
A reading and talk on the heart of our true identity in Christ.
Resources: leader's sheet (download a PDF), Northumbria liturgy (download a PDF).

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