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Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education has a dedicated and long term relationship with the work of School Governing bodies.

It offers support, advice and training in a wide range of aspects of governance, particularly with foundation governors.

A number of resources can be downloaded from the grey 'Governors' Resources' box on the left.

Click here for VA Governors' Microsite

Your contact for foundation governor appointments is

The duties of a foundation governor are extensive and are the same of those of other governors.  However, in addition, foundation governors are the 'formal Christian presence' on the Governing Body; they are upholding the religious Trust Deed of the school.  The main duties of foundation governors are to:

  • Oversee the conduct and curriculum of the school
  • Monitor the extent to which the school is achieving its aims, objectives and targets
  • Appoint teaching and non-teaching staff to the school who support the school's Christian ethos
  • Consider and advise, as necessary, on the resourcing of the school
  • Foster good community and other relationships
  • Manage the school budget in the context of local management of schools
  • Support the school and its staff in seeking to provide academic excellence - throughout the curriculum - in a Christian context

Foundation governors are the visible link between school, community and church. In order to fulfil these obligations it is essential that all governors maintain a keen interest in the life and work of the school by:

  • Attending Governors' Meetings and associated committees
  • Visiting the school regularly
  • Knowing 'what' the school is doing and 'how' it is being done
  • Taking an active part in the public and social life of the school

For most diocesan schools the local Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for making foundation governor nominations to the Board of Education. The Board of Education is responsible for making the actual appointments.

Download Foundation Governor Appointments Resources and Advice for PCCs on Foundation Governor nomination from the grey 'Governors' Resources' box on the left.

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Porton School - visiting dignitaries
Porton dignitaries
Porton School - visiting dignitaries
Governors' Resources

Foundation Governors Information Pack

00. Contents Sheet [201.9 kB]
01. Board of Education - overview & contact details 2013 [307.6 kB]
02. Welcome letter [188.2 kB]
03. The Government of CofE Schools [162.8 kB]
04. Information checklist [121.7 kB]
05. The law differences in category of school [175.0 kB]
06. Christian Values [174.5 kB]
07. Practical suggestions for Foundation Governors and PCCs [258.6 kB]
08. Website info [147.7 kB]
09. Book List [150.1 kB]
10. School Admissions Guidance for VA or F Schools and Academies [103.9 kB]
12. Critical Incidents protocol [247.4 kB]
13. Role and responsibilities leaflet Oct 2012


2. Board of Ed Chart 2011 [39.5 kB]
3. The Government of C of E Schools [53.0 kB]
4. Role and responsibilities leaflet [89.9 kB]
5. Information checklist [51.5 kB]
6. Useful Contacts [63.0 kB]
7. The law differences in category of school [64.5 kB]
8. Christian Values [76.5 kB]
9. Practical suggestions for Foundation Governors and PCCs - 2011 [567.0 kB]
10. Website info [358.0 kB]
11. Book List [49.5 kB]
12. School Admissions Guidance for VA or F Schools and Academies [45.5 kB]
13. Admissions consultation flowchart [32.5 kB

Governors / Admissions

Admissions consultation flowchart July 2010 [30.5 kB]
Advice on Admissions Policies 2011-2012 [47.0 kB]
Boundary Maps Service [23.5 kB]
Checklist for CE VA School Admissions Policies [60.0 kB]
Model Admissions Policy for VA schools 2012-2013 [74.0 kB]
Model faith grounds supplementary information form [52.5 kB]
Model Supplementary Application Form for Admissions 2010-11 [50.5 kB]
School Admissions Guidance for VA or F Schools and Academies July 2010 [38.5 kB]

Governors / Admissions Appeals

Appeals Document A: Advice for parents on making an appeal [27.0 kB]
Appeals Document B: Explaining the appeals procedure for parents [30.0 kB]
Appeals Document C1: Forms for making an appeal [31.5 kB]
Appeals Document C2: Forms for making an appeal [25.5 kB]
Appeals Document D: Sample letter for parents giving details of appeal hearing [27.0 kB]
Appeals Document E: Sample letter to Chair of appeal hearing [20.0 kB]
Appeals Document F: Sample letter to parents forwarding documentation about the governors' case [19.5 kB]
Appeals Document G: Guidance for parents about the appeals hearing [27.5 kB]
Appeals Document H: Guidance for appeals committee [21.5 kB]
Appeals Document I: Sample letter to appeals committee giving details of hearing [19.0 kB]
Procedure for appeals [38.5 kB]

Governors / Employment Regulations and Guidelines

Appointing Staff [221.5 kB]
Capability Procedures [198.5 kB]
Grievance and Discipline Procedures [251.0 kB]
Managing Staff Sickness Absence [269.5 kB]
Redundancy Procedures [268.5 kB]
Workforce Reform Advice [62.0 kB]

Governors / Ex-Officio

Being an Exofficio Governor at a Church School [246.2 kB]

Governors / HT Recruitment

HT appointment process - Wiltshire [246.5 kB]
HT appointment process - Dorset [241.0 kB]
Notes on safeguarding children [1.0 MB]
VA guide to law [187.5 kB]
HT appointment process - FAQ [355.0 kB]

Governors / Inspection

Distinctiveness and Effectiveness as a Church School. [68.0 kB]
Monitoring and Evaluating Collective Worship [59.0 kB]

Governors / Nominations

1. Appointment process of Foundation Governors for clerks & PCCs 2011 [431.0 kB]
2. Advice to PCCs re Foundation Governors 2011 [219.6 kB]
Nomination Form for Foundation Governors 2013 [176.3 kB]
Renomination Form for Foundation Governors 2012 [151.3 kB]

Governors / Vulnerable Children and Young People

Disability Equality in Education [57.5 kB]
Gypsy and Traveller Children [57.5 kB]
Supporting Looked After Children [57.5 kB]
Supporting Refugees [61.0 kB]
Young Carers [56.5 kB]

Governors / Safer Recruitment Procedures

Bichard Inquiry Recommendations [254.0 kB]
Notes relating to recruitment of staff [60.0 kB]
On Line Training for Safer Recruitment [28.0 kB]
“Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education” [68.0 kB]
Safeguarding Children & Safer Recruitment in Education 2007 [999.6 kB]
Safer recruitment, a case study [34.5 kB]


Support for Headteachers [664.5 kB]

Schools / Ethos

A School Ethos Statement [48.0 kB]
Developing the Ethos of a Church School [54.5 kB]
Developing the Ethos of a Church School, Presentation [67.5 kB]

Schools / Every Child Matters

Be Healthy [1.5 MB]
Be Healthy: school food trust guide for parents [1.5 MB]
Be Healthy: school food trust guide to government lunch standards [1018.7 kB]
Be Healthy; a guide for school co-ordinators [239.0 kB]
Every Child Matters [742.0 kB]
Every Child Matters To God In The Salisbury Diocese [590.0 kB]

Schools / Extended Services

Extended Schools: the churches response [3.6 MB]

Schools / OfSTED

2005 Inspection Arrangements: A Presentation [174.4 kB]
2005 Relationships with schools: next steps [349.0 kB]
Completing your SEF [31.5 kB]
Improving Performance through SSE [331.6 kB]
New Framework for Inspection [529.5 kB]
SEF: Primary [122.5 kB]
SEF: Secondary [51.8 kB]

Schools / School Development

Becoming Fit For Purpose [1.1 MB]
Developing Spirituality [78.0 kB]
The Challenge of a Lifetime and The Way Ahead [213.5 kB]
The Way Ahead [25.0 kB]

Schools / Schools Self Evaluation

A Useful Book List [59.5 kB]
Using Your Self Evaluation [187.5 kB]

Schools / The Foundation Stage

Cultural and Religious Education Support Material for Early Years [153.0 kB]

What We Offer

Chaplain with Deaf People in Salisbury Diocese - Rev John Cowburn [164.5 kB]
Love and Sex Matters Flier [1.1 MB]
Professional Development Centre Brochure [178.3 kB]
SRE discussion paper [61.5 kB]