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Religious Education

Guidance and links to resources supporting all aspects of Religious Education

The RE Advisory team advises schools on all aspects of Religious Education.

We welcome an ecumenical approach and work to promote dialogue amongst the network of faith communities within the Diocese of Salisbury and further afield.

This is rooted in membership of the Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education (SACRE) for several Local Authorities.

We strongly encourage all our schools to use the locally agreed syllabus for RE (eg Dorset, Poole, Wiltshire) as appropriate.

Christian Concepts Unpacked

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'Christian Concepts Unpacked' supplements the teaching of Christianity in schools
The Diocese has had a team of outstanding RE teachers developing units of work to support the teaching of Christianity in Primary Schools. These are now available to schools to download  The 10 units exploring the Christian concepts of Prophecy, Salvation, and Trinity. Each concept is explored at KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 and, in the case of Salvation, there is also a Foundation stage unit. The units all use the enquiry approach of ‘engagement/enquiry/evaluate/expression’, and so are compatible with both the Dorset and Wiltshire agreed syllabi. They have been designed to supplement the teaching of Christianity in the Discovery RE scheme of work. They are available in Word document format so that you can personalise them for use in your school. We hope to update these regularly, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.
Click here for the resources folder.

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Support for Schools

  • This website hosts a wide range of resources to support, complement, extend and enrich the locally agreed syllabus for RE in Dorset and  Wiltshire
  • We work with colleagues within the South West to produce a range of material and resources to support RE within our schools. Click here for our current publications
  • We provide a range of in service support through courses, staff meetings and TD days. Click here for further details on training and support
  • Planning some RE research? Farmington Fellowships may help. Download a leaflet from the grey 'Resources' box on the left
  • For queries about content, contact your RE Adviser as above. To report broken links or difficulties with downloads, contact the Web Editor 

RE Resources

Downloads are available from the grey 'Religious Education Resources' box on the left.

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