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Communications support for clergy, parishes and schools


We supply information and training for all aspects of media activity, from parish magazines and press releases to preparing for interviews and even media crises.

Members of the team can deliver workshops or offer one-on-one guidance on a range of issues. Contact us with your requirements; click here for training events.

The official Church of England training website is www.churchcommstraining.org: the latest subsidised courses are posted there.


Postgraduate course for Church communicators:

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Parish Websites

Red asteriskNeed a new parish website?
The starting price for Church Edit has been reduced to £175pa including VAT. This yearly price includes website hosting, the ability for churches to make unlimited changes to their website, and technical support. Over 1,000 churches already use ChurchEdit.
Visit the website
Email Kyle Cottington
Or ring 0121 320 25 30

We recommend ChurchEditChurch123 and Chapel Studios.
Alternatively, you could try Veilnet's bespoke service...



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Creative and social media

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Online news

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