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The Diocesan Registry deals with a large proportion of the legal matters affecting the Diocese, the Bishop, the parishes and all the other organisations and officers of the Diocese.

They include processing faculty applications, keeping many of the legal records of the Diocese, administrative aspects of ordinations and appointments of clergy, legal aspects of marriage, regulation and consecration of churchyards, the roles of Churchwardens, and the ways representation of clergy and laity is managed in the parochial church councils and other bodies engaged in governance of the Diocese.

It acts as a reference point for anyone working in the Diocese or its parishes to seek information and advice whenever there is a legal matter of concern.

The Registrar is also the Bishop’s Legal Secretary, and is responsible for advising the Diocesan and Suffragan Bishops on the law generally – not only church law – as far as it affects the Church and Diocese.

All the clergy may call on the Registrar for advice when necessary, and more recently Registrars have been made responsible for assessing the early stages of the church’s procedures for dealing with complaints about clergy.

The Registrar, who has responsibility for the Registry, is Andrew Johnson, a consultant solicitor in the Salisbury firm of Batt Broadbent. He has held the post since 1997, and is a specialist in Ecclesiastical Law. His deputy is Sue de Candole, one of the partners in the same firm.

The office also accommodates experienced clerks, Dee Elston, Sarah Hart and Anita Jeans, who are able to deal with many of the issues that arise but have direct access to the Registrar when necessary.

Contact the Registry by post:

Salisbury Diocesan Registry
Minster Chambers
42/44 Castle Street

Email: registry@salisbury.anglican.org
Tel: 01722 432390

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