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Prayer is at the heart of our life as a church. When we pray, we are communicating with God, through words or actions, or in our hearts.

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Year of Prayer in Salisbury
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Christian Aid

Prayers for Iraq 
Prayers for Gaza and Israel

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Latest Prayer Letter

Prayers for the People of Mosul

Lord, in this city where Christians and Muslims have lived together for over 1400 years, we pray for healing, peace and restoration. Bring light out of this present darkness and hope from despair that guided by your Holy Spirit, all your children may find a new way forward together based on your love for us all.

Holy God, your Holy family was driven into exile and many holy innocent boys were massacred, we hold before you today the suffering people of Mosul.

Hold in your loving arms, all those who have been caught up in this conflict. We pray for those forced to flee their homes, all who have lost friends, family and possessions and who now face an uncertain future. Bless our Christian brothers and sisters who have seen the destruction of their churches and communities and for our Muslim neighbours who have also experienced destruction and suffering.

Prayer for peace in Gaza

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Lord God of compassion,
whose will is for peace built on righteousness,
we pray for peace in Gaza and Israel:
for an end to hostilities,
for comfort and help for all who suffer,
and for reconciliation between Palestine and Israel,
through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Pray for Sudan

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Pray that the agreement will hold and the ceasefire will take effect more widely. Pray for an end to the conflict in areas where the ceasefire has not been implemented. Pray for those made homeless and in desperate need of food, clean water and sanitation. Pray that the second round of peace talks due to begin on Friday take place and lead to a deeper and wider peace.

A Prayer by Brother Trevor Huddleston, CR
od Bless Africa;
Guard her children;
Guide her leaders
And give her peace, for Jesus Christ's sake.

Pray for Syria

A Prayer for Reconciliation in Syria
God of history,
Witness of the struggles within families;
we pray for the divided family of Syria
as brother fights against brother,
and sister rejects sister.
We pray for those whose love of neighbour
has been destroyed in the bitterness of enmity.
May fear be submerged in compassion.
May distrust be diluted by hope,
as a vision of peace illuminates
darkened minds and hate-filled hearts.
We pray in the name of Christ,
our source of light and love.

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Topical Prayers

Bishop John Wraw, formerly Archdeacon of Wiltshire, has been diagnosed with cancer and is being treated in Southend Hospital. Please keep John, Gillian and all the family in your prayers.

National Day of Prayer
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Women's World Day of Prayer
Takes place on the first Friday in March each year. The service is written by a different country each year. Click here for the website.

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Staff Prayers

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Prayer Feeds

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The Cycle of Prayer

  • The diocesan Cycle of Prayer is issued every three months and covers all aspects of the work of the Diocese. Download the latest edition from the 'Resources' box on the left
  • For more information on the Cycle, click here 
  • Send prayers for publication to the Bishop’s Liturgical Assistant, Bridget Trump:
    01722 334031, liturgical.assistant@salisbury.anglican.org 


  • Prayer is central to our link with the church in Sudan. Often, the first things that we are asked for in any situation are prayers, given in a true spirit of fellowship.
  • We operate a diocesan-wide prayer network which works via e-mail. Regular monthly prayer requests are sent to anyone who would like to receive them. If you would like to join our prayer network or log a prayer request, contact the prayer co-ordinator by e-mailing sudan.prayer@salisbury.anglican.org 
  • For the Sudan prayer page, click here 

Children and Education



You may like to pause for a moment, whatever you are doing, and remember God’s presence with you now.

What is before us in life we know not, but this we know:
That all things are ordered with unerring wisdom and unbounded love by You, our God. Grant us all in things to see Your hand;
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
- Charles Simeon

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