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Lay Ministry

A page about authorised lay ministers, with contact details and links to more information.

Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs)

Lay Ministers are licensed to work alongside ordained colleagues in the parishes where they serve. In some cases their ministry is rooted in the community or in the workplace rather than in the life of the local church. More here

Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPAs)

Lay Pastoral Assistants assist with the pastoral ministry of the parishes where they live. They are chosen by their incumbent and PCC, and minister under the direction of their incumbent. More here 

Lay Worship Leaders (LWLs)

Lay Worship Leaders assist with planning and leading worship in the parishes where they live. Like LPAs, they are chosen by their incumbent and PCC and minister under the direction of their incumbent. Updated ListingNew resources here

Acting Warden of LLMs


The new Bishop of Sherborne will become the Warden of LLMs, and Judy Anderson will return to being Vice Warden.

Discernment Advisers

Sarah Musgrave 

Ralph Dodds 

LLM Training Officer: David Heslop

Click here for the Central Readers' Council website.

LPA Officers

Ramsbury Area LPA Officer: Mrs Pip Symonds

Sherborne Area LPA Officer: Mrs Beth Buchan


Arrangements for the selection, training and support of Lay Worship Leaders are currently being put in place – more details soon. Please contact the Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team for further information.

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