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The Accounts department of the Diocesan Board of Finance carries out tasks relating to the financial life of the Diocese.

In this section, you can find information about the financial administration of the Diocese, including budgets, annual reports and statutory fees. We have also included links to other information that will help with the life of the PCC.

Your Accounts Team:


Phil Musselwhite, Diocesan Accountant:

Angie Wheeler, Accounts Officer and Fairer Share:

Carolyn Cropp, Stipends Secretary:

The Chairman of the Diocesan Board of Finance is Gil Williams:
ryme@dsl.pipex.com, 01935 873580

We can be reached by mail, at Church House, by email as above, or on the following numbers:
Tel: 01722 411955
Fax: 01722 411990

Our work includes

  • Preparing the statutory accounts and budgets for the Diocesan Board of Finance. More here 
  • Administering the Board of Finance Fairer Share scheme. More here 
  • Collecting parochial fees due to the Board of Finance. More here 
  • Providing information on National Finance Returns and Statistics for Mission. More here 
  • Providing guidance and training to PCC officers and others. More here 
  • Providing funding and grants for various purposes
  • Paying clergy stipends and pension contributions
  • Paying staff and suppliers
  • Managing relationships with statutory bodies, such as HMRC, the Charities Commission, auditors and others
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