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Here you'll find the resources and links to guides relating to the Annual budget, Share and Share counts, and Parochial fees.

What do we mean by the cost of being Church? Its a phrase used when we talk about Share. Watch David Pain explain how we use the phrase to talk about how we fund all ministry and mission across the Diocese as we work together to Make Jesus Known. 


Below you can find the Share Guide for the new system being introduced in January 2025 and a simple leaflet explaining it along with information about this year’s Share Requests.

2025 Share Booklet (PDF Version) or 2025 Share Booklet (Flipbook version)

2025 Share Leaflet Download: (PDF Version) 2025 Share Leaflet Flipbook:

2023 Fairer Share Information Guide

2023 Parish Count Affluence 

There is also a simple powerpoint with accompanying notes for those who want to discuss the new scheme at a PCC or other meeting. (click here to download). Please get in touch if there are other resources you would find helpful in explaining the new scheme. 

Financial data on the Fairer Share contributions and requests: 

Annual Share allocation 

Monthly Reports 

Resources for PCCs

The Parish Resources website has all sorts of useful information to help a PCC conduct its business: 

The PCC as a Charity - Resources to help you - Parish Resources

Data Developments

How to claim VAT back

Resources for Treasurers

The Parish Resources website offers all kinds of help and resources for Treasurers on a whole variety of topics: 

Parish Finance - Parish Resources 

Every year, the Diocese prepares an annual budget for approval by Diocesan Synod, and here you will find the guides setting out the details of the most recently approved budgets:

Budget Guide 2024

DBF Financial Times

Financial Times is a monthly financial update from our Diocesan Giving Advisor, Anna Hardy and Head of Finance and Asset Management. Subscribe or read archived issues here.


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