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Collective Worship

Collective Worship provides a unique opportunity for pupils and staff to come together and share in learning, singing, reflection and prayer.

It is a statutory requirement that all schools provide a daily act of worship but worship should never be undertaken just because it's a statutory duty.  In Church schools we want to worship God and we want our children to have the opportunity to learn and to experience what it means to worship.

We would humbly suggest that Church school worship starts from the principle that we are all a reflection of the 'Image of God'.  That all are equally important and equally valued in his sight.  Worship should be inclusive and delivered in a way that enables all members of the school community to feel able to be part of the experience whilst remembering and respecting the integrity of the family and cultural backgrounds of the pupils we serve.

It's often very difficult to define what it is that makes a church school distinctive; what makes it a particularly attractive option for parents.  Our experience tells us that a significant part of that definition will be found in the what and how of the school's approach to worship.  This will vary from school to school, from parish to parish and from time to time but this very uniqueness is at the heart of the matter.

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This material is primarily for church schools, but we hope you find ideas and guidance suitable for all schools here.  It is our hope that our resources will help you develop your school's practice. If you would like further advice or have questions, please email us.

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Collective Worship
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