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The Church of England’s Vision for Education, ‘Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good’ has the flourishing of our children and young people at its heart.  Church of England Vision for Education 2016

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About us
• The Board of Education was founded in 1830 to support existing schools and to promote new ones; the schools are fully inclusive, they are there for everyone.
• There are almost 43,500 children attending 194 Church of England Schools, over half of which are academies who are part of a family of school trusts. 16 church schools are middle or secondary schools.
• The Board of Education is proud of its own schools trust, the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust (DSAT) and all that it is achieving. We are also thrilled to be in partnership with schools’ trusts across the diocese, providing wonderful homes for church schools.
Our vision
Goodness, mercy, and compassion are part of what God’s glory and presence looks like; these are words that God uses to describe Himself. Therefore, if these are the characteristics of who God is and what God is like, then the SDBE needs to embody these characteristics in our work and ministry impacting the lives of children and young people and the adults who work with them. We are aware of our unique calling in the world of education at such a critical time, to boldly live out God’s transforming presence, becoming more like Jesus in our everyday lives, showing His goodness, offering His mercy and revealing His compassion. It is in this way that we seek for His transforming presence to impact the lives and communities of all those whom we are called to serve.
Our mission
The mission of the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education is to lead the development of a body of:
• confident, effective, church schools and academies that are deeply Christian, belonging at the heart of the church and community, serving society’s common good.
• church communities that serve children and young people, enabling them to develop worshipping communities where they truly belong and encounter God’s love. Working together in this way can deeply enrich the wider mission and ministry of both schools and churches.
Our strategy
The Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan is now reaching its conclusion; we have been working with schools and parishes across three key aims to: 
• support the development of spiritual leadership.
• enrich learning for children and adults
• and to have impact on the culture of education and the church, locally, regionally and nationally.

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