£1k from a village calendar

For the last four years Richard Foley and the PCC at Tarrant Hinton have produced a calendar, the sales from which raise at least £250 each year for their church, St Mary’s.  

By asking local businesses to sponsor each month, the cost of producing the calendar is covered.  
People are encouraged to submit their own photographs of the village for consideration, and the sponsors choose the picture they want featured on their month. It is a lovely way to involve the whole village with an easy way to raise funds for the church.

Richard says: “I came up with the idea for the calendar, but it is a team effort; I could not manage this without help from Tim and his wife Bobbie. 

“Once we have collated the photographs, we ask a local business to print 50 copies. I give the sponsors a ‘free’ calendar and use our church magazine (the Tarrant Times) to sell the 38 calendars left after the sponsors have had their copies. 

“We always make up a small thank you note with a photo, to show our sponsors how their money has been spent. We try to use at least one photo involving the church and one relating to our history. The calendars sell for £5 and after 4 years have raised over £1,000. I encourage other churches to give it a go.”

If you are keen to try this yourself, consider if there are ways to promote the work of your church.  You might consider:

  • A thank you message, to explain that the purchase of the calendar raises funds for the church.
  • Adding wider church festival dates, such as Plough Sunday, Harvest and Remembrance.
  • A short paragraph about your church on the back cover, encouraging people to visit.
  • A way to donate with a QR code, and a link to the website for details of services.

If you plan to produce a fundraising calendar in 2023, or if you have top tips to share from your own experience – get in touch and let our Giving Advisor know.

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