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A key priority for everyone involved with the life of the Parish Church is ensuring that our Church buildings remain open, welcoming, accessible for all and relevant for future generations. While Parochial Church Councils (PCC’s) are responsible for the care, repair and management of their Church buildings, we recognise that this is a team effort that is supported by the Church Buildings Team (CBT). The CBT can offer advice, support and resources to help keep Church buildings and Churchyards in good condition. The CBT work on the behalf of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and together are available to advise and support Parishes. 

The team also administers parish applications for Faculty and List B works, as well as managing and administering the quinquennial inspection (five yearly inspections) scheme on behalf of the Archdeacons. For more details on what Faculty and List B means please see our Training and Guidance section below. 

For grant giving bodies and information see here.

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Diocesan Advisory Committee Meeting Dates
Meetings are held monthly with the exception of Easter, August and December, although a date in December is held provisionally should the need arise. Please see below for meeting dates. For other Diocesan events please visit the calendar.

July 19

September 13

October 18

November 15

External Guidance and Directories

NB: The DAC does not recommend individual contractors. PCC’s should ensure that they are taking advice that is appropriate.

Upcoming Events
Principles of Building Conservation
25 June 1000 – 1200
Want a better understanding of what looking after our built heritage is all about and how we got here? This webinar will cover the brief history of building conservation moving onto the principles of conservation. Understanding these principles are key if you are someone who looks after a historic building. This webinar will help you understand building maintenance and adaption. It will also help you with faculty applications and be aware of the common pitfalls to ensure you are looking after our built heritage.
Heating applications ‘Net Zero and Due Regard’

20 August 1330 – 1530
This webinar will tackle the most recent changes to the faculty system related to net zero. It will discuss what net zero is for the Church of England, what it means to you and what you can do for creation care. It will discuss what due regard looks like in a faculty application and how the DAC and Chancellor will advise and judge applications. Don’t wait until your heating breaks down before understanding what net zero means. It is never too early to prepare.
Making the most of the Quinquennial Report

24 September 1000 – 1200
Ever dreaded receiving your quinquennial report? Ever looked at the list of recommendations and don’t know where to start? Do you simply file it away and wait for the next one? If this sounds familiar join the Church Buildings Team where we breakdown the QI report and explain how you can use it to your benefit. We explain how you can us it to ensure you are on top of your maintenance and save money in the long term.

Churchyards: all you need to know to maintain and care for land around the church
30 October 1330 – 1530 

Join the Church Buildings Team, Registry department and the Chancellor where we cover many aspects of all thing’s churchyard. Topics covered range from burials, headstones, maintenance, permissions, and closed churchyards. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss the kinds of things you are experiencing.

Statement of Significance and Need

25 November 1300 - 1600

Emmaus House, The Avenue, Wilton, Salisbury, SP2 0FG.

This in person training session covers the standard statement of significance and need in depth. Two of the most important documents in a faculty application. It covers all the headings in each document and explains what they are asking for and the types of information to put in them. It will discuss what significance means in a faculty alongside what ‘need’ is. This webinar is for anyone who is compiling a faculty application or has one in progress already.

Buildings For Mission: Minor Repairs and Improvements Grant Fund
The Buildings for Mission Minor Repairs and Improvements Grant Fund is a national initiative that is intended to help fragile Churches maintain their building in a timely manner and avoid further costly work. The Diocese has received a grant of £132,000 to award to churches until 2025. Any church within the Diocese under Ecclesiastical Exemption and meets the criteria below is eligible. Awards range from £1000-£10,000 and will be decided on need (see below in guidance note). Funds will be distributed through a grant panel which will meet 4-6 times a year, with funding to be spent before December 2025.

See full guidance note here

See full application form here.

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