Making Jesus Known resources

The vision Making Jesus Known has sparked conversations across the diocese, in person and online. A new channel to help people have these conversations has been set up on Slack. If you would like to join, click here.

Find out more how you can engage with the paths as an individual, church community, or wider community group by reading this short booklet or download the PDF version.


Watch our webinar on Creative Partnership's in local mission:

The powerpoint from Creative Partnerships in Local Mission Webinar

Watch our webinar on Working for Justice:

Watch our webinar on Championing Climate Justice:

Watch our webinar on Courageous Christian Leadership:

Watch our webinar on Financing the future sustainably:


If you have any questions about resources or would like support for holding local conversations on the vision, get in touch with

You can find more about the vision and its priorities on our web page, and we are also hoping to map the conversations that are happening here, so do submit any events for us to feature. 

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