DAC Awards

During the course of its work, the DAC receives a great number of applications for advice on a wide range of proposals for churches. 

Some of these applications stand out as exceptional – sometimes for the works proposed, but often for the preparation and management of a scheme from inception to the formal submission of application papers. 

The Committee is reviving their awards scheme after a 5-year break as a way of recognizing and honouring the work and dedication of those responsible for these applications. 

How to nominate a church project  

Nominations will be taken from 2020 – 2023 applications. This is on account of there being no awards since then. Anyone can nominate a church or project, the Registry, Chancellor, Archdeacons, DAC or the PCC’s themselves.  

It was decided that to be inclusive to the breadth of works that churches do that there would be three categories:  

  • Green/Eco Award 

  • Innovation Award and Heritage 

  • Conservation Awards.  

Further details on each category can be found below.  

Green/Eco Award 

To be eligible for the Green/Eco award the church must demonstrate that their scheme/project has made a significant reduction in their carbon output and have or are close to achieving net-zero.  Have implement climate mitigation schemes either within the church or churchyard. Or have a noteworthy project to conserve, promote or encourage wildlife to either the building or churchyard. 

Innovation Award 

To be eligible for the Innovation Award the church must demonstrate it has employed a novel method of tackling a problem, whatever that is be it repair or amendment of the heating or lighting or conservation. The church can also choose to demonstrate that it has adapted the building in an interesting way for community or public use. Or has engaged with the community in a novel and different way that has promoted the sustainability of the building. 

Heritage and Conservation Award 

To be eligible for the Heritage and Conservation Award the church must demonstrate that it has met the highest standards of conservation in maintaining or repairing a historically significant element of the fabric of the building or an item within the building of particular interest. 

Items to submit 

Documentation of the project, problem or idea including: 

  • What was done or what did you do? 

  • Why have you nominated the church for the award?  

This should be no longer than two A4 pages and included supporting images and documents of such as plans. 

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