How QR codes helped repair our wall

In 2021, the Revd Richard Hancock was presented with a problem: the church wall at Sixpenny Handley PCC was crumbling and in desperate need of repair. So he came up with an idea to ask people for donations as they walked by.

The church created a QR code to direct people to its giving web site. They spread the word by putting up posters along the footpath itself, explaining their problem, to tell why they needed funds and how people could help.

In just a few weeks they raised over £300, and subsequent donations came in months later.
QR codes are appearing everywhere: in pubs, restaurants and churches! These quick response codes can be scanned by most smartphones—some just using the camera—and direct you to a website. The Sixpenny Handley church uses its QR code to direct people straight to the donation page.

You could also consider posting the same code on Service Notice Sheets, or on a poster by the door inside your church, perhaps beside the traditional Alms Box.

Revd Richard said “It has been a small effort, but the rewards have been great. People frequently ask questions about church and become more involved as a result.”

Creating a QR code is easier than you might think. Give A Little and other donation platforms can generate them for you, or you can make your own at

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