Our Vision: Making Jesus Known

Making Jesus Known is the new vision for the Diocese of Salisbury. It emerged after months of listening to people across the diocese, both inside and outside church. 

At its heart is our mission to invite others to know more about Jesus. To know Jesus is to follow him, and five paths have been identified - rooted in Jesus’ teaching – to help to transform our life together. The five paths are: developing courageous Christian leaders, resourcing creative partnerships in local mission, working for justice, climate action and finally, the need to have a sustainable financial basis for mission. The resources of the Diocesan Board of Finance will be aligned to these areas of work. 

Find out more how you can engage with the paths as an individual, church community, or wider community group by reading this short leaflet or download the PDF version.

Webinars exploring each of the five paths and what they might mean in different areas are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Four events are being planned across the diocese to share the vision and in particular, changes to the new Share system. Keep an eye on Grapevine and this page to find out more. 

Reflect and discuss 

Watch some contributions from people around the diocese for their views on what the vision and priorities mean to them. Might their ideas and examples offer some opportunities for your parish or deanery? 

Creative partnership in local mission: Rural Dean Rev Jane Palmer discusses some of the opportunities in her rural deanery 

Working for Justice: Young people from All Saints CE school in Weymouth and their teacher discuss issues they think they church should speak and act upon.

Courageous Christian Leadership: Pioneer Minister Rev Jo Neary from the Beaminster team discusses the challenges for rural clergy and the need for greater collaborative working.

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