Aldhelm Mission Fund

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Supporting new mission initiatives and fresh expressions of church in parishes, schools and the wider community in this diocese.

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The Aldhelm Mission Fund specifically encourages and resources creative thinking and risk-taking, helping to fund new work and projects that connect the local church to the wider community, but cannot be funded from local sources.

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Updated Listing Note the application process has been simplified for 2019:
For applications up to £500, please use Application Form A
For applications over £500, please use Application Form B

The emphasis is on supporting projects in new areas of work and providing some of the resources needed to try different types of mission in our parishes. It is not intended to be used for building projects, administrative or parish youth worker posts. Our main funding portal is here.

Since 2006, the Aldhelm Mission Fund has supported over 100 local mission initiatives with recent awards ranging from £500 to £24,000.

New projects included Wareham Team Ministries ‘Not Just Sundaes’ project, The Lantern ‘Play it by Ear’ project, a prayer room at Queen Elizabeth School Wimborne and the ‘Life Exhibition’ in the Pewsey Deanery.

If you are planning a new mission venture or fresh expression of church in your community, contact:


the submission date for the July meeting has changed

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