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Prayer for the Sudans

by Michael Ford last modified 21 Apr, 2022 11:30 AM

We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers. 1 Thessalonians 1:2


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Prayer is at the very heart of our link with both Sudans. One of the first things that we are asked for in any situation is our prayers.  Prayers are given in exchange in a true spirit of fellowship.  The Episcopal Churches span two very different countries with differing needs, challenges and attitudes towards mission.  We pray daily, and occasional prayers are posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Prayer points

Attacks in Abyei: Holy Week saw four concerted attacks by militia from the north on villages in this disputed area between Sudan and South Sudan. At least 84 people are dead, over 50 wounded, and  2000 cattle raided. International observers have called for urgent decision between Sudan and South Sudan to settle the status of Abyei and prevent more atrocities.

Pray at the request of Bishop Michael Deng Bol of Abyei Diocese, "- for these vulnerable and peaceful community to be constantly protected and supports by goodwill people so that to pray for us and put us under the great protecting”.

Violence in Leer County, Upper Nile: Fighting in this area has been going on since last December between government and opposition forces, causing deaths, injuries, burning of houses and looting in many villages, with thousands displaced.  President Kiir has set up a committee of investigation. Nicholas Haysom, the UN Special Representative for South Sudan, expressing concern over the resurgence of violence in Upper Nile and Unity states, said "we are seeing warfare from Aweil to Torit [north to south], Tombura to Jonglei [west to east], Upper Nile and Unity". 

Pray for all who are victims of violent attack and intercommunal fighting and for the re-establishment of effective law and order throughout the country.

Sudan: There is no progress towards the restoration of democratic rule: People are still being killed and injured in demonstrations.  With poor harvests, economic crisis and internal conflict, the future for people of all faiths in Sudan looks increasingly bleak.

Pray for the establishment of a credible democratic government, that the economic situation will ease, and that ample food will be made available to all

Famine: The United Nations has released $100 million from its Central Emergency Fund to help 7 countries assessed as being in Phase 5 emergency ie.famine. They include Sudan and South Sudan (also Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia).

Pray for all who are hungry and at risk of starvation and for the agencies struggling to provide essential help.

Multiple efforts for peace: UNMISS in association with local government has conducted four events to promote peace in Malakal, Upper Nile, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, Eastern Equatoria and Rumbek, Lakes State.  South Korean UN peacekeepers have completed a 125 km road from Pibor to Akobo in Jonglei State. Iit is confidently expected this will boost the economy and also reduce ambushes and other crime.  President Kiir accepted Dr Machar's nominations for the unified army command,and issued a decree forming the new integrated army structure. This is a significant step in progressing the Peace Agreement.  In Yei, 16 army officers have been arrested on charges of looting, violence and other atrocities and will face court-martial

Give thanks for all these efforts to bring peace and justice to many troubled areas of the country.

With thanks to Revd Jane Shaw

Click here to view:

A Prayer for Sudan

God our Father, whose son Jesus Christ wept over your people who knew not the way of peace, and were as sheep without a shepherd, hear our prayer for the people of the Sudans.  Turn the hearts of their leaders to reconciliation and peace. Bless their Archbishops and clergy, that they may be true shepherds of your flock.  Strengthen those who heal the wounded and feed the hungry.  Hasten the time when all nations will own your just and gentle rule and receive your gift of peace, in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


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