10 Deacons to be ordained

A former submariner, a professor of epigenetics, and costume designer are among the 10 new Deacons that will be ordained in the Diocese of Salisbury on Sunday 2 July by the Bishop of Salisbury. All will enter parish life as Assistant Curates. 

  • Jeffrey Adams - Poole, St James with St Paul 

  • William Burditt - Blandford and Langton Long 

  • Michelle Cobley - Lytchetts and Upton 

  • Daniel Harland - Radipole and Melcombe Regis with Chickerell 

  • Richard Holness - Lyneham and Woodhill 

  • Deborah Mackay - Wilton with Netherhampton and Fugglestone 

  • Rebecca McDonnell - Sherborne with Castleton, Lillington and Longburton 

  • Samantha Park - Cannings and Redhorn 

  • Georginah Phillips - Jersey, St Andrew 

  • Joseph Stone - Salisbury, St Francis and St Lawrence Stratford sub Castle 

You can find out more about our new clergy in the coming weeks on our social media channels. 

This week you'll hear from a former submariner, a medical researcher, and many other interesting people. 

Daniel Harland came to faith at the end of his twenties. His call to ordination was a gradual process spurred on by seeds sown earlier in his life by a Navy Chaplain, but it wasn’t until he’d begun to feel rudderless and without a course that God started to make himself known. 

Deborah Mackay built a 20-year-long career in medical research said: “What surprises me most during theological training is that, somehow, I feel I have become more ‘myself’. In ministry training the word ‘formation’ comes up a lot – being open to being shaped by God and our experiences.  Before I started, I thought my training would probably make me less sciencey and more churchy; but to my surprise, my science and faith have formed together into something that coheres and deepens both.” 

There are many ways that we as Christians can serve our communities, every follower of Jesus is called to serve in one way or another. If you’re interested in exploring your calling, or if you’d just like to find out more about the process, you can find the diocese webpage on Ministry here.

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