Buildings and Property

The Property Team is primarily responsible for the proactive management of:

  • Clergy Housing
  • Diocesan Glebe
  • Closed Churches, offering a wide range of professional building surveying and architectural design services across the south of England.
Clergy Housing
They are responsible for the day-to-day management of approximately 220 clergy properties.

This work includes all reactive maintenance and servicing works and all emergencies.

The team is also responsible for all strategic and planned maintenance to clergy property.

The Clergy Property Handbook A-Z provides guidance, advice and information to clergy and parishes on all aspects of property matters.

To report an issue with a property please email or telephone the team.

Where outside of office hours, and where works cannot be delayed until office hours for fear of risk to safety/welfare or where the damage poses a risk to serious disrepair to the property, please phone contractors direct from our emergency contacts list.
Diocesan Glebe
SDBF has a glebe property portfolio comprising approximately 145 parcels of land. This portfolio is administered by the SDBF property team through the Procurement and Property Asset Manager with the assistance of external professional advisers, Strutt & Parker, who were appointed in 2018.

Net income from renting Glebe lands helps to reduce the amount of Parish Share requested.

To report an issue regarding Glebe please email or telephone the Property Team.
Closed churches
When a church is closed for public worship, the Property Team has a responsibility to seek and establish an alternative use in partnership with the Re-use of Closed Churches Group.
New uses for closed churches range from residential conversion to art galleries, community centres, craft workshops, places of worship for other denominations or simply for preservation as a monument.
A proposed alternative use of land is a sensitive issue with statutory consultation requirements. It is important to notify the Property Team if anything of this nature is planned. See further guidance on closed churches here.
To report an issue regarding closed churches please email or telephone the team.

Contact the Property and Trusts Team

Mr Simon Ferris

Procurement & Property Asset Manager

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Mrs Elizabeth (Liz) Wallis

Trust and Property Registration Officer

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